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Lessons include instruction, grooming, tacking, and handling.  Lessons take place

in the Indoor Arena, Roundpens, Turf Jump Course and on trails with Jump Options.

Lessons Coupon Books are Now Available.

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Semi-Private Lesson Coupon Book (8 Lessons)  $250

Lesson Type

# of Students
Actual Class Time
Cost (ea. student/lesson)

Group – ride
Up to 8
1 hour

Private – ride
1 hour

1/2 Private – ride
1/2 hour

Semi-Private – ride
1 hour

Showmanship – in hand
1/2 hour

Lunge – on/line/roundpen
1/2 hour

Tack-up Service


*Please allow yourself up 1/2-hour prep time prior to your lesson (AT NO CHARGE).

** Equestrian helmet use is mandatory at all Wright Equestrian, Inc. riding sessions (helmets 

       are available for use AT NO CHARGE).

*** Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson time will result in a

non-refundable charge of 1/2 the lesson fee - no exceptions!

Training Package

$695 per horse per month  (OR daily training rate: Please Call/day)


• Your horse worked on average 5 times each week

• Lessons—four non-transferable one hour group lessons (with your horse or a lesson horse).

• Board—Full Care (see below)

• One face and leg clip per month (may be scheduled and used as prep for show)

• Day care for your horse at scheduled shows (2 feedings, and 1 stall cleaning per day)

• Coaching


Board Care included with Training:

• Large box stall

• Hay—two times each day or round bale in paddock

• Grain (up tp 1–1/2 cans) twice daily

• Group turn out—six days per week (weather permitting)

• Stalls maintained regularly

• Scheduling and handling for farrier

• Mandatory worming program (priced per rotation)

• Use of indoor arena & large viewing mirrors; heated lounge; large outdoor rings with jump 

course, poles, and barrels; round pens; and miles of trails with jump options



Horse Shows

National/Regional Level

Coaching / Show Lesson

Day care, two feedings each day, stall picked daily

Professional ride at show

Trainer's hotel, tack stall, etc. (split between clients)

Local Fun Shows / Hunter Paces

Class Fees Paid to the Show Office

WEC Prepares and Loads Horse Before Event 

WEC Unloads and Beds Down Horse After Event






priced per event


see show bill




 priced per event



(DVM's veterinary care will be billed directly)

Veterinary Care



Medication (provided per vet) administered orally in daily feedings


Vitamins, biotins, electrolytes, or other supplements supplied by owner






Other Services



Three (3) times per week





(weather permitting)


Workout Rinse


Medicated or Show Preparation







Manes & Tails

Bands only

Plaited Tail

Plaits with Bands or Dressage Braid

Tail Socked (Shampoo, Condition, Braid)







Clipping (clean horses only)

Trim Face & Fetlocks

Full Body/Hunter





Tack Cleaning and Conditioning

Bridle and Martingale

Saddle and Girth

Tack Conditioning (after cleaning only)







$35 + amount of


Returned Check Fee